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Salt Manufacturing and Processing facility in the Republic of Kosovo.

Euroni Salt L.L.C located in Kosovo exists and operates successfully since 2003. The factory operates and completes the processes of washing, drying, iodization, grain separation, and packaging according to the latest food quality standards (ISO 9001, 22001 and HACCP).

We offer a wide range of products such as Vacuum rock salt, Sea salt, Tablet salt, Nitrite salt, Himalayan salt and Tanning salt. Food salt is iodized according to the legislation.

Production capacity meets the needs of the domestic market and International European market. With the latest investments (2023) in modern machinery, efficiency and quality control, Euroni Salt establishes its foundation as one of the largest manufacturers and salt suppliers in the region.

Since 2016,  we are a trusted partner and general representatives of “Salinen Austria” from Austria.

Latest technology.

Latest technology.

With the latest and most advanced machinery, we provide pure and high-quality salt products processed carefully and efficiently.

Quickly growing.

Quickly growing.

As the largest producer and distributer of Salt products in the Kosovar market, Euroni Salt is quickly growing internationally too.

Premium quality.

Premium quality.

The combination of a naturally raw pure salt and our advanced salt processing equipment ensures a clean, pure and tasty premium end product.

Why Choose Us

A reliable salt supplier with high production capacities.

Located in the center of the Balkans, Euroni Salt L.L.C. is the largest salt supplier to the retail and industrial sector in Kosovo offering high-quality salt products at competitive prices.


To get an immediate quote and discuss the possibility of becoming our partner, please contact us at euronisaltfactory@yahoo.com or info@euroni-ks.com


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